Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers

Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers

A community organisation in the rural village of Ballykelly.

Our website contains useful information and resources for ancestral research as well as details for how to get involved.

History & Ancestry

Roe Valley Ancestral Researchers, a community organisation in the rural village of Ballykelly. Created in 2016 providing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation, education and other leisure time by improving the life skills, historical environment for members; researching family genealogy and social history in the Roe Valley.

Our Resources

We seek to provide a range of resources to help you in your historical research.


Charles Thomson

1729 – 1824

Scholar, Revolutionary, Man of truth

By Bruce Clark

Graveyard Database

Find information on grave locations, dates and church details of the drowned sailors and sunken ships project.

Our Projects

We are involved in a range of community and historical projects.


Farlow Tower

Sampson`s Tower walk.

Sampson`s tower was built in 1860 as a memorial to Arthur Sampson. He was the son of R`vd George Vaughan Sampson and Hester Lawrence who could not hold the position of land agent to the Fishmongers Company of London due to an act of parliament which would not allow a minister/priest to hold such a post. 

Arthur was the Agent for The Fishmongers and collected the rents for the leases during his 34yr position. As he did such a good job in looking after the tenants the tower was built to remember him. 

Roe Valley Researchers Bi-Annual Update

Our Newsletter

Welcome to the 1st Bi-Annual update of RVAR and a summary of the work our volunteer researchers have completed in the area of the Roe Valley during 2017.

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